Website Statistics

The Importance of Tracking Your Web Site Traffic

You have a web site. You have web site visitors. You even have web site sales. Everything seems to be working: why should you go through the effort to track and analyze your web site traffic? The fact is, the importance of tracking your site traffic is not stressed nearly enough... read more

Internet Marketing, Tracking Your Results

One of the biggest mistakes that newbies make when taking their first steps into Google AdWords is not tracking the results. But this doesn't only happen with Google AdWords but with all new types of marketing. The majority of people and companies do not track their results or do not track properly... read more

Eye Tracking, Statistical Analysis and Site Success

How a subject views a book page, a store display, an advertisement or other visual stimuli is measured using sophisticated tools that track eye scan, also called eye movement. These tools measure which design elements capture visitors' attention and which don't. Eye tracking is used in virtually every kind of marketing - TV ads, billboards, product packaging and web sites - to determine what works and what doesn't with consumers... read more

Correctly Interpreting Your Website Traffic Statistics

Analyzing your web traffic statistics can be an immeasurably important tool for a number of reasons. But before you can manufacturer full use of this tool, you must understand how to interpret the data... read more

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