Email Marketing

Write E-Mails Your Readers Canít Help But Open

Youíve sent out thousands of e-mails. You know most of what youíve sent out will never be opened, but youíve tried everything to change that. What is the key? Is there some magical way to foster a readership, or what? What is it that drives successful e-mail campaigns? Itís hard to tell, and it causes you to question if youíve got qualitative e-mail being leveled at potential clients. Apparently these tactics work, as youíve seen others successfully use them. There is a method to writing strong e-mails that definitely engage readers. Part of that method involves creating subject lines that are impossible to ignore ... read more

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The History Of Email

It's Email's 40th Anniversary! read more

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Does Your Open Rate Measure Up?

Unlike cold calls and direct mail, which are frequently viewed as intrusive or unwelcome, email marketing messages give recipients the freedom to read and review correspondence on their own time when it's most convenient... read more

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes That Are Crippling Your Sales Letters

Sending out sales letters to prospective customers or potential clients can be one of the most effective ways to create loyalty and get your market to buy... read more

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Making Sure Your e-Newsletter Delivers

In today's tight economy, it's critical for small businesses to stay in the forefront of customers' minds. That's why many companies have turned to e-newsletters in an effort to reconnect with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Electronic or e-mail newsletters offer a low-cost way to engage customers and prospects on a regular basis... read more

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The 10 Step Plan To Successful Email Marketing

When website owners and marketers talk about online marketing, they often refer to SEO and PPC. Email marketing can sometimes be overlooked despite being one of the most powerful methods to reach potential customers and to keep existing customers coming back for more. Perhaps a factor in this is that direct email campaigns are commonly associated with spam emails, but careful list management ensures that this need not be a problem. There are a number of stages to a successful email marketing campaign and by nailing as many as possible you can improve your results... read more



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