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YouTube Goes Social: What You Need to Know

YouTube has become utterly synonymous with online video. Its content can be found all over the Web and embedded in hundreds of millions of posts across nearly every social media outlet. With more than one billion users, every other video-housing website on the Internet pales in comparison to YouTube’s dominance ... read more

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How YouTube Connect Could Impact Your Business

Live streaming video is one of the hottest modalities in getting out your message today. It is currently taking the Internet by storm as platforms like Periscope, the all but dead Meerkat, Blab, Facebook Live and others pop up left and right, drawing stellar engagement numbers and potentially massive audiences. Live streaming video has become such an integral part of marketing recently because of the benefits it provides; transparency, genuine connections and face-to-face interaction. And in the midst of all the hype, a new competitor has entered the arena: YouTube Connect ... read more

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12 Ways to Improve SEO and Traffic Through Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to get top listings in the search engines for your keywords. YouTube, DailyMotion, and Metacafe videos seem to shoot to the top of the SERPS. Often the thumbnails are conspicuously displayed directly in the natural search listings which seem to jump out at searchers pushing viewers to click. Many times relevant YouTube videos will outrank your main website for your keywords because YouTube has such authority in search. If you are ignoring video marketing you are ignoring a major traffic source for your website. Here are some tips to maximize both the SEO and traffic potential of your website through video marketing... read more

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Internet Video Hosting Strategies and Tips

Video Marketing for small business is growing in significance in the media-rich, entertain me culture we now live in. That much we know. To show your video clips on your site, there are a number of details you should take into account on how to serve up your video files, because they tend to get large and load slowly, so utilizing a service in the cloud to host your videos that has mega-capacity and specializes in streaming video is an excellent idea. It ultimately comes down to ease of use versus control, with a smidgen of quality and user-experience mixed in... read more

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Internet Video Formats: Which is Best for Video Marketing?

OK, so you've decided that getting some web video on your website and social media profiles is a great idea to make you more appealing to prospects and put your SEO (search engine optimization) on HGH. You realize that video marketing is a key part of your overall search engine marketing and social media strategy. Bully for you! Now onto the tech stuff. Video formats can be mind-boggling and vary depending on the equipment the video was shot with, the type of computer you use, and the final destination where you want to host and serve up your on-demand video as part of your video marketing plan. So which is best for you? ... read more

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The Power of Online Video for Your Company

Using video to promote your website, services, or products has become an integral component of online advertising. With the explosive popularity of sites such as YouTube (now considered the number two search engine online), Vimeo, and others - it's time to embrace video and make it work on behalf of your company and your website... read more

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Planning Your Small Business Video

Most small business owners barely have time to manage their social media presence and conventional marketing. Suddenly, video seems to be taking over, and every business must have videos to share on their own website and Making videos can sound expensive and daunting, but the process can be much easier - and cheaper than you think - if you assess the project properly... read more

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The Introvert's Guide to Marketing With Video

Appearing as a talking head is only one method of using video, and it's probably the very most challenging video mode for introverts. Here are five alternate ideas for producing video content without forcing yourself into activities that feel alien and frightening... read more

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Using Video for Your Online Business Marketing

There are many ways in which video can be used in your online business for both branding and marketing. Just think the statement "if a picture paints a thousand words" what impact do you think that using video would have on your business? read more



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