Gain an Edge With Google’s New Central Blog

Google is the world’s most recognized search engine, ad the organization is nearly as infamous for how often it likes to shake things up. Continuing its constant evolution and progression, Google recently proclaimed that it would be adding a handful of new features, and utterly rebranding, “Apps for Work” to the more fitting moniker, “G Suite.” Alongside this alteration, the company has also announced its Nexus flagship Smartphones are receiving a name change: these devices will now be known as “Pixel” phones. Additionally, Google is also launching a VR headset to go with the gadget, much in the same way that Samsung released its Gear VR a year earlier. To pile on even more changes to these advancements, Google has also announced that it will be consolidating its blogging efforts under a single digital roof known as “The Keyword.” The new primary blog, which can be found at, will serve as a way to centralize Google’s legions of dedicated blogs like Android, Gmail, Google Fiber, YouTube and scads of other sources into a single place for readers to absorb content and info ... read more

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The Importance of Utilizing Gravatars

If you've been blogging for long enough then you've undoubtedly noticed that some users have small pictures that show up next to the comments that they leave. They may have a picture of themselves or it may be a custom picture that they've created. Either way, these little pictures are affectionately known around the online world as "Gravatars," a clever play off "avatars," and have become staples around successful bloggers and casual bloggers alike... read more

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SEO Benefits of Blogging

Adding a blog to your website is a big decision, but it is something that every company should consider. A regularly updated blog can give people a reason to visit your website more often, and there are also SEO (search engine optimization) benefits to keeping a company blog... read more

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A Blog Could Revitalize Your Website

O.K. so you think you have an idea or even a product to sell through your brand new internet business. Internet marketing is a brilliant business to be in. There are boundless opportunities to run online businesses which can make incredible amounts of money, if you have established that there is a market for your chosen niche or product, and have done the necessary research... read more

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10 Business Blogging Tips to Improve Your Blog Performance

Business blogging is a different kettle of fish to blogging for money and that, in turn, is entirely different to blogging socially. The type of blog you manage will determine the voice, design, and style of your blog as well as the efforts you're likely to put into promoting it... read more

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10 Tips for Launching your Business Blog

Are you thinking about launching your business blog? You're not alone. A recent study by GuideWireGroup revealed that approximately 89 percent of businesses polled use blogs as a way to communicate with their customers. In another survey, Burson-Marsteller found that 15% of Fortune 500 companies have blogs. A successful business blog can generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each year, with figures for large corporations typically much higher... read more

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Expand Your Business With Blogging

Blogging is increasingly being used to effectively to present businesses and products to the market. Websites like Blogger and Wordpress make it possible to share value - your knowledge and experience - through blog posts... read more

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Blogging Your Way to the Top

It is no real secret that a well written topical blog can significantly help out your website - so why aren't you doing it? ... read more

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Blogs, WordPress and Google

It's no secret that a continually updated website with new content being added regularly stands a good chance of doing well in Google. One of the long standing methods to regularly expand a site's content is through the use of a blog... read more

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Starting a Blog and Making it Effective

Looking to start a blog? Well, you've got some competition. There are presently more than 130 million blogs on the Internet, according to San Francisco-based blog tracker Technorati. While it's not clear how many of those are corporate, it's safe to say that your own message can risk getting lost in the mix unless you can help drive traffic to your blogsite... read more



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