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Major Mobile Updates: How to Prepare Your Site

Some of the biggest algorithmic updates of 2016 and 2017 address mobile devices: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are coming to search results, a new mobile penalty for Intrusive Interstitials is now rolling out, and Google’s Mobile-first Index has been announced ... read more

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How to Rule the Mobile SERPs

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in today’s modern culture. Many companies are now catering solely to small screens with all marketing efforts. While limiting your audience is a controversial tactic, and a very personal choice, you must know by now that ignoring mobile can be fatal. In the past several years, small screen products have reached a critical mass in which they have become the dominant force in digital media ... read more

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Mobile SEO: A Guide for Top Ranking Results

The influence of mobile devices is not going to disappear, so site owners need to embrace the fact that websites must be optimized for mobile. With that said, here is your mobile SEO checklist to ensure that you rank in the small screen SERPs ... read more

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Mobile-Search Optimization Now in Full Effect

If you identify as a writer, digital marketer, or SEO expert, it’s likely that you’re at least moderately familiar with the importance of mobile optimization. Last year, mobile search numbers surpassed desktop search numbers for the first time in history and there’s no sign this trend will reverse. Because of this, companies have been placing increased focus on mobile compatibility over the last several years – a trend that also shows no sign of stopping ... read more

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Are Personal Assistants the Future of Mobile Marketing?

Artificially intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Cortana are increasingly revolutionizing the relationship between humans and machines. It is a new way of communicating that is highly personalized, or rather, hyper-personalized, and will offer great opportunities to mobile marketing in the near future. It is no coincidence Web giants are investing a lot in it. The increasing use of virtual assistants goes hand-in-hand with mobile: 75 percent of people always have their smartphones at hand while 90 percent of those who have a personal assistant on their device uses it with satisfaction because it is an easy, quick and immediate way to get information ... read more

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How Google AMP Pages Will Impact SEO

What is AMP? In the words of Google, “The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere,” as its website describes. Breaking this down to layman’s terms, this essentially means that in the Google SERPs, carousels will now be displayed which feature content from AMP-supported sites. These stories are capable of loading at lightning speed, providing a better mobile experience for everyone involved. This is what makes AMP so darn special; you can trust that pages will load instantly ... read more

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5 Essentials for a Mobile-Friendly Website

“Come 2014, there will be at least one billion mobile payment users around the world.” These are the findings of a study undertaken by IE Market research. Given these stratospheric statistics, it is safe to say that at least some of your current website users are visiting on their mobile phones. Subject them to the torturous navigation of a desktop version using their iPhones or Androids and you can be certain of one thing – they will leave. And never come back... read more

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The Explosion of the Mobile Web... Is Your Website Ready?

Just a few short years ago, it was a good bet that you would read articles like this one on your PC or laptop. Today, it’s just as likely that you are reading this article on a smartphone or tablet computer. So what’s changed, what happened? The mobile web happened, that’s what – and the Internet will never be the same. So, what’s the mobile web? ... read more



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