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Optimize Your Press Release As Part of Your Link Building Strategy

When most people think of press releases, they think media attention. Press releases can also be used to gain quality inbound links to your web site, though.

As part of your overall link building strategy, there are a few reasons why press release writing can be beneficial: get one way links from quality sites, earn links from sites that find you via a press release, and get placed on relevant directories that re-distribute press releases.

To write an optimized press release, start with these steps:

Define Keyword

When writing a press release, identify one keyword that you want to rank for. There are a few free tools that you can use to determine which keywords receive the most traffic, including Google Keyword External, SEO Books Keyword Tool, and

Pick a keyword that is relevant to your site, receives a considerable amount of monthly traffic, and that will be used on the page that you are trying to rank. The keyword should ideally be in the Title of the page, in an H1 tag, included in the body, and used in your internal linking structure.

Include Keyword Throughout Release

Once you've identified a keyword, write out a rough draft of your press release, making sure to include the keyword throughout your release.

The keyword should be included, at minimum, in the header of your press release, one to three times in the body of the release, and at least once in the "About" section of your press release.

Hyperlink Thoughtfully

For press release services that allow you to include hyperlinks within the release, make sure to hyperlink from the keyword you identified instead of using non-optimized keywords like "click here."

While not all press release services allow html or hyperlinking, most will allow you to at least include a link back to your site in a resource or contact box, or once in the "about" section.

Consider the Upgrade Option

If presented with the opportunity to upgrade, in most cases, do so. Upgrades generally offer you the opportunity to specify the anchor text of a hyperlink or in some cases, include a hyperlink that a free package doesn't allow.

Not all upgrades are created equally, though. Consider the page rank, traffic volume, trust factors, and cost when determining whether to upgrade or not.

Distribute to a Variety of Services

When submitting press releases for link building purposes, don't submit to just one service - instead submit to a variety. Some press release sites will check to make sure that your release is unique, however, so make sure to distribute to those sites first.

Start with the quality sites that have a number of links and tend to be picked up by the press; also re-write some of the verbiage in your release so as to avoid duplicate content.

Simple things like re-writing the header or a few sentences within the release can make sure that your release will be picked up by a number of services.

About the Author: Rachel Kuptz - Karrak Interactive provides press release writer and article writer services to small businesses and startups at cost efficient prices. Receive a full list of free press release distribution sites or inquire about services, pricing, or monthly packages, visit Karrak Interactive.

Source: Entireweb Newsletter * April 28, 2009 * Issue #539

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