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4 Ways to Fortify Your Website Against Hackers

As a small business owner, you may think you’re immune to the attention of a would-be hacker. But having a false sense of security could expose your business to unnecessary vulnerability. “Many hackers use automated tools that do not discriminate between small and large businesses, so even the smallest of businesses will eventually be attacked,” said Nitzan Miron, principal web application security engineer and product manager at Barracuda. Here are four ways you can patch your website to minimize a data breach ... read more

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3 Cyber-Security Threats Businesses Face in 2016

“Cyber-threats will continue to grow exponentially in volume, complexity, and threat vectors,” Vijilan Security chief sales and marketing officer Gary Mullen recently stated.

As 2016 sees scads of economic and technological advancements, cyber-threats will increase too. There’s just no doubt about it.

Cyber-crimes and security breaches ran amuck in 2015. Corporate victims of such circumstances included Target, Home Depot, Ashley Madison, Sony Pictures and even the White House. With such massive entities falling prey to hackers, it would seem that no one is impermeable. What is less reported on, however, is that these behemoths are in the minority; 71 percent of security breaches target small businesses according to IDC’s 2014 – 2018 forecast report.

The only reason that larger companies receive such attention in light of an attack is because of their high-profile status in the public eye. While every company needs to know how to guard against digital threats, smaller organizations are the ones that need to pay the most attention. Cyber-attacks ultimately cost businesses upward of $400 billion dollars a year. Most small businesses simply can’t afford to contribute to this number and expect to survive.

As cyber criminals continue to actively target smaller enterprises this year, here are the top three trends that business owners must be aware of ... read more



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