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Ten Of The Internet's Best SEO Tips!

A good tip is a great gift to those who are in need of advice, I love the quote "give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day - teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a life time!"

If the tips are on SEO, they are bound to attract attention. So, we've compiled a list of TEN of the best SEO tips to be found on the Internet. Don't believe us? Find out for yourself now!

1. Let your content drive your website. Content is the king, the absolute truth and nothing but. Well-researched, authoritative and unique content that uses the keywords strategically to obtain top rankings, and attract inbound links is a MUST! Never compromise with the quality of your site's content.

2. Another royalty you can't do without are Links! Focus on building a network of the best quality backlinks for your website using your top keyword phrase(s) and your website name. Only link with sites that can offer you something substantial to chew up on. If it's not good, don't bite the bait!

3. Are you suffering from Pagerank obsession? Don't! Pageranking, despite what many SEO experts say, are just a small part of your SEO plan. The ranking algorithm is complicated; believe us when we tell you, a lower pageranked site can actually surpass a higher ranked site. So get a good night's sleep and rethink your SEO strategy. Pagerank is a great determination of a websites popularity, however, it won't be the major factor in gaining website traffic.

4. Stay fresh and update regularly. Yes, if you want to climb higher on search rankings ladder, make sure your site has fresh and useful content. Regularly updating your website's content is the best way to catch the eye of the search engine robot.

5. Dig for top search phrases instead of single keywords. The search phrases used by people and incorporated in your content will make it easier for your website to show up as a relevant search result.

6. Getting localized is also a very important SEO tip that few may share with you. When developing the content for your site, make sure you keep 'localization' in mind. This helps you win brownie points with the local users and the cherry on the top is that you get local customers. We recommend creating state and city specific pages to attract website traffic that would have previously never visited your website.

7. Always use text links on your website pages if using Java script for image maps, image links, or drop down menu. Since spiders don't follow Java script properly, text links are crucial from a SEO point of view. If your navigation links are images, place text links somewhere on your pages as well.

8. Always keep SEO in mind when designing your website. More importantly, your website designer must be an expert at Organic SEO. Try to design a simple website that doesn't have heavy Flash. Less graphics will give you better crawl-ability and trust from the search engines. This is because search engine robots crawl the text rather than images or Flash. Also ensure that your pages load quickly, we believe this will make a positive impact for the search engines.

9. Use search friendly URL's and meta tags, this will help to improve your rankings. If you change your URL's for sub pages, consider using 301 redirects to fix the file names and transfer page value.

10. Finally, proof read your all your content including taglines, copy etc. and make sure all the links are working before you go live with it. Always provide quality information on your website, getting the visitors is a hard and time consuming process, so make sure your website visitors like what they find when they visit your website!

My opinion is this, a great website is an always evolving and improving website. So work hard, and reap the benefits over time!


About the Author: Joel McLaughlin - Learn more about Dataflurry.

Source: Entireweb Newsletter * April 2, 2009 * Issue #532

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