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Dummies Guide to Facebook Marketing

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 4 years, you know how popular and widely used Facebook is today.

Just a couple of years ago, you had to relentlessly encourage family and friends to join this social networking website (shortly after others had convinced you to join). Nowadays, it's rare to find someone who hasn't got a Facebook account.

At last count, there were over 350 million users on Facebook and this number is continuing to grow. It overtook MySpace as the number 1 social networking website on the planet last year and is just behind Google when it comes to online traffic. You can then understand how important Facebook marketing has become for websites everywhere.

It's Not A Pitch Zone

The most important thing to remember about social media is that it is not a place to blatantly and endlessly pitch your product or service. If you do this, then you will not get any favors from social media users, will get largely ignored and even receive bad reviews.

Social media is actually used for building relationships with potential clients in the market. There are a number of ways you can do this:

• you can post helpful information (links) that helps them solve a problem.

• you can personally chat with them to assist them.

• you can create content addressing the needs of users and post it.

The bottom line is that you want to be seen as genuine and helpful. This way, word can get out that you're the real deal and before you know it, people will become interested in what you have to provide in terms of products and services.

Of course, the things you share on social networking sites such as Facebook shouldn't be the nitty gritty stuff that you have to offer. You should share helpful information in the form of teasers that will interest people enough to ask and wonder if there's more. Offering free stuff is great for getting attention too.

How To Market On Facebook

The great thing about Facebook is that from the outset, it has encouraged all users to use the website as a means of sharing information and marketing whatever they please. As a result, it has developed many ways for users to do this. You are not obliged to use every single one of them, but a combination of them can only improve your Facebook marketing.


This is probably THE marketing tool out there on Facebook. On its website Facebook describes Pages as "a Public Profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users." It is specifically designed for promoting a business and everything it has to provide. People can then become a Fan of your page and when they do this, they let their friends know that they've become a Fan of your page via their News Feed. The potential for your Page to gain a lot of popularity in a small period of time is great.

Of course, it's all dependent on the content you give out for people to use. You need to show them a reason to become a Fan of your Page as well as a reason for staying on.


Create events to be held at a certain date and time. Depending on your type of business, you can create one for a local or international audience. It can be any one of the following:

• Seminar: It should be introductory and free but you could promote a paid one too.

• Webinar: A seminar conducted online which anyone in the world can join.

• Product/Service Launch: If you are about to launch a product or service, this is a way to gain attention.

The best part about creating an event on Facebook is that it can go viral, and before you know it, people will be attending your event in droves.


Finally, about a year ago, Facebook introduced an advertising service where people can put ads promoting their website or their Facebook Page and they pay per click (PPC) or impression (CPM). It works in a similar way to Google Adwords.

You can target your ads to certain geographical locations but in addition, given the nature of Facebook, you can attach your ads to social actions. For example, if you were a wedding photographer and wanted to promote your services, your ads could be set up to appear only to females between the ages of 24 and 30 and whose relationship statuses indicate they are engaged.

It must be noted, however, that Facebook Advertising is still in beta mode which means that it will only improve in the near future.

Embrace Facebook

If you want to market your website online, you would be absolutely nuts not to use Facebook marketing as one of your key strategies. Just be careful not to get caught up in it too much because it can become a very time consuming activity.

About The Author: Martin Sejas provides an Internet marketing consulting service for people who want to establish an online presence for their business or dramatically improve their current online presence today. You can register for a free consultatíon today. .

Source: SiteProNews * May 10, 2010 * Issue #1384

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